Simone Giannelli wins Most Valuable Player at World Cup okbet

Simone Giannelli wins Most Valuable Player at World Cup

The 20th edition of the FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Championship concluded on Sunday in Katowice, Poland, and the tournament’s best setter, Simone Giannelli, was recognized as its most valuable player. Giannelli was the technical and emotional leader of the youthful Italian squad that won gold.

The 26-year-old Giannelli was one of three Italian players to make the Dream Team, along with three athletes from the runner-up country of Poland and one from the bronze medal-winning country of Brazil.

Simone Giannelli, the Best Setter (Italy)

Bartosz Kurek, Your Best Opposite (Poland)

Yoandy Leal (Brazil) and Kamil Semeniuk (Poland) are two of the best hitters from the outside (Poland)

Polish middle blocker Mateusz Bieniek and Italian middle blocker Gianluca Galassi are the best in the world right now (Italy)

Most Valuable Libero: Fabio Balaso (Italy)

Simone Giannelli, the game’s most valuable player (Italy)

Simone Giannelli

Giannelli finished first in his position at the World Championships for the second time in his career, with 139 successful setting actions and a success percentage of 26.83 percent. During Italy’s matches in Poland and Slovenia, he had 11 kills, 8 blocks, 5 aces, and 25 digs.

“It was great to play here, the Polish supporters are amazing,” he stated after winning the gold medal game. They are loud in their support for their side, yet they are respectful of the other team. This place has a great vibe, and I like it. I’d want to express my gratitude to everyone there; they really live and breathe the sport of volleyball.

In the finals versus Poland for the gold medal, the Italian setter was outstanding. In addition to his 11 successful setting actions, he contributed five kills and two aces for a total of seven points.

As the Italian setter’s second and most prestigious MVP award, he has had a successful international career. When his team won the European Championship last year, he was named the tournament’s Most Valuable Player.


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